The Spartans dream

After a long and tedious R & D for over 3 years we are going to launch our new product shortly.

Through the clacking of his keyboard and a never ending sigh, was a curtain selling Spartan, apple by his side,
dreaming of the big-time a thousand curtain sale, or perhaps a St. Kilda grand final win and other fanciful
He never stops a dreaming one day his ship will hit, and when it does arrive he will have a bloody fit.
He’ll be driving through old Toorak in a Merc a painted gold, and that Linfox mansion the sticker will say sold.
So listen to me carefully because if you don’t you might miss out, when that Spartans dreaming, don’t you have a doubt.
Put a dollar on him and you might just win out, because he will be sitting down in Brighton drinking no doubt.
And in a sly but knowing moment you can see that Spartan thinking, what about another business he says.

Hey boys,  you want to buy in?

But if you look upon him and he doesn’t notice you,
you can see the Spartan grinning, another Malacca has just bought in.


By the famous Welsh Poet, Andreas 17/02/2014

                                                                                                             We are not sorry to see you go clowns.